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Zuni River Basin Water Rights Adjudication
New Mexico

In the matter of United States vs. A&R Productions, et. al.
Case #01cv00072 MV/LFG

Court Documents, Decisions, Orders, Etc.

Available court documents related to the Zuni River Basin Adjudication, United States. v. A & R Productions, Case #01cv00072 MV/LFG, are presented below. Please note that the court documents listed below have been obtained directly from the U.S. District Court website ( Information on how to obtain an account which will allow you to access the Court's online docket directly, may be found in the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures Manual, which may be downloaded from the Court at:

Additional court documents will be added to this list on an ongoing basis. Please check back often.

Downloading Adobe Files
The documents on this page are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). Users may need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these documents. This is free software available from Adobe.

Date Number Size Description and Link
06/02/2022 3556 286 kB RESPONSE to Plaintiffs United States of Americas and State of New Mexicos Objections to Proposed Findings and Recommended Disposition (Doc. 3547) re [3553] Objections, filed by Norma M. Meech. (Scott, Tanya)
06/07/2022 3557 156 kB NOTICE of Briefing Complete by United States re [3547] Joint MOTION for Summary Judgement and Memorandum of Law in Support Thereof - United States and the State of New Mexico filed by United States (Gollis, Samuel)
06/07/2022 3558 46 kB Mail Returned as Undeliverable re [3555] Order on Motion for Extension of Time to File. Mail sent to Laurence R Laurance R Berger & Diana M Berger Rev. Trust. (cmm)
06/30/2022 3559 13,023 kB NOTICE by New Mexico, State of Filing of State's Rule 71.3 Report (Bagley, Edward)

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