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Zuni River Basin Water Rights Adjudication
New Mexico

In the matter of United States vs. A&R Productions, et. al.
Case #01cv00072 MV/LFG

Relevant Reports and Disclosures: Main Case: United States

Adjudication Boundary

Narrative Description of the
Adjudication Boundary for the
Zuni River Basin, New Mexico

The adjudication boundary for the Zuni River Basin, New Mexico, includes the mainstem Zuni River and all tributaries that contribute water to the Zuni River. The Zuni River Basin, New Mexico, is contained entirely within the Counties of Cibola and McKinley, New Mexico. The general legal description of the adjudication area, as portrayed in the map entitled "ZUNI RIVER SURFACE WATER DRAINAGE BOUNDARY MAP" is as follows:

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